The EV charger that makes driving electric effortless

Make EV charging one less thing you need to think about. Charge your car from the comfort of your own home, without any hassle.

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Image: Amina charger mounted on white concrete wall.

The EV charger that makes driving electric effortless

Charge your car from the comfort of your own home. You customize when and how to charge through your electric vehicle or electricity provider.

Works with any electric or hybrid

Smart charging

Together, we’re smart

Your car doesn’t work unless your charger works. The Amina charger is a simple but crucial tool designed to complement the main product: your car. It’s compatible with all the smart charging solutions provided by the car or your electricity provider – meaning you already have all the apps you need to charge smart.

Image: a mockup of an app that schedules the charging via the car.


Schedule your charging via your car, either directly in the vehicle or through your car manufacturer’s app.

Electricity providers

As your house becomes even smarter, many electricity providers now offer a platform that keeps everything in one place. Schedule your charging using these apps.

Image: a mockup of an app that schedules the charging via the electricity providers.
Image: an image

Charging your electric car is just like charging your smartphone

When you plug in your smartphone, you expect it to recharge without any hassle. You don’t have an app for that. Why would you?

Charging an electric vehicle is the same thing. The only difference is that when you have an EV charger with all the safety features (like Amina), it’s totally safe to charge your car while you sleep.

Easier to install than a socket

When we designed the Amina charger, we wanted it to be easy for you to understand and use – and easy for the electrician to understand and install.

That’s why we removed all the unnecessary and complex components you’ll find in “smart” EV chargers. Now trained electricians can install our chargers just as fast as they’ll install a socket.

A picture showing the inside of the Amina Charger

For the charging nerds and electricians


Only 125 mm high, 200 mm wide
and 105 mm deep


Safety relay and safety lock when charging


Degree of protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK08

We’re on a mission to make EV charging simple, safe and affordable


Minimalistic in everything but quality


As simple as a socket, only safer


A charger for everyone should fit everyone’s wallet


How has Amina solved the requirement in NEK400 for earth fault protection of EV chargers?

The Amina charger must be installed behind a type A or B earth fault protector for protection against AC leakage current. DC leakage current is handled by the charger. The Amina charger comes with an Residual Direct Current Detecting Device (RDC-DD) according to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) IEC62955 standard. This is a new standard that is specially adapted to electric vehicle (EV) chargers. DC protection is integrated into the charger. An electrician physically installs an earth fault circuit breaker Type A (or B) in the fuse box, in accordance with NEK-400.

What type of Circuit breaker must be installed in front of the Amina charger?

The charger must be protected against overload and short circuit as well as AC earth faults. This can be solved with an earth-fault circuit breaker type A (normal type) or one circuit breaker and one earth-fault circuit breaker type A.

Where can I buy the Amina charger?

Amina is available in most major electronics stores, through your local electrician and through some electricity providers. Click on the "where to buy" button to see all our partners and resellers.

Why do I need an EV charger?

The Amina charger is a much safer choice than the regular household outlet and is developed according to the latest safety regulations and international standards. An EV charger can handle a much higher load, over a longer period of time, than a socket. It also includes extra safety features, which makes the charging safer. In 2022, the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK) prohibited* to install a socket to be used for car charging. The reason is simple: fire safety. The Norwegian national ban on installing a standard socket as a charging point only applies to new installations. It’s still legal to charge your EV using a dedicated socket that has been installed before 01.06.2022, given that it’s in accordance with NEK 400, the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee's installation standard.

Why is your charger so much cheaper than the competition?

Through efficient design and manufacturing, we are able to produce chargers at a lower cost. Those savings are passed down to you.

Still have questions?

More frequently asked questions answered on the the faq page

The idea

In Norway, where we’re from, over 90% of new cars sold are electric. Globally, that’s not the case (yet). But it’s estimated that 80% of all European cars will be electric by 2035.

If everyone’s going to be driving electric, this includes those who don’t stay up at night watching the Tesla announcements. There has to be a charger for these people as well – those who just want to charge their car in a safe, reliable way.

That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to create the smallest and simplest (and best looking?) EV charger in the world. Because our hope for the future is that there is an EV charger on every home.

The people behind the idea

The Amina charger is made by people with years of experience and expertise in electrical engineering and EV charging. Some of us even founded a couple of the EV charging companies you’ve already heard about.

We’re passionate about building simple, safe and affordable EV chargers. We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality or design.

We’re happy and grateful to be supported by market-leading electricity companies and climate-friendly investors, such as Lyse, Eviny, Nysnø, Momentum, and many more.

Picture: a picture showing the faces of the people behind the idea.
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