The story behind the EV charger built for the rest of us

At some point, almost everyone in the electric car industry forgot that EV chargers are just supposed to make your car work.

Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in electric vehicles. Maybe you’ve even bought your first electric car? In that case, congratulations!

So now you’re researching how to “fuel” your new car. EVs are still pretty new, after all.

In Norway, where we’re from, over 90% of the new cars sold are electric. But there are also plenty of used cars in circulation. That’s why 80% of all the cars on Norwegian roads still run on fossil fuel.

In the rest of Europe, less than 5% of the cars are electric. But that’s changing rapidly. The EU announced that no new fossil-fuelled cars can be sold after 2035. The majority of European car owners will have switched to electric by 2035.

With skyrocketing petrol prices, it has become an economic issue. It’s also an environmental issue. And pretty soon, it’s going to become a political issue. Switching to green is rapidly becoming a global trend.

But if everyone’s driving electric, there needs to be enough EV chargers for all those car owners – including the people who don’t stay up at night watching the latest Tesla announcement.

In other words, there has to be a charger for those who just want to charge their car as casually as they charge their phone.

That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to create the smallest and simplest EV charger in the world. Easy to understand, easy to install, easy to use. So we’re stripping our EV chargers of all unnecessary parts and components. That makes them more affordable.

We don’t think you need a dedicated app for your EV charger. Most of us already have more apps than we need (or want). Electric cars are more than smart enough to let us customize when and how we charge them. In the future, when your home becomes even smarter, you might even have a single app where you’ll manage all your electrical stuff.

Our hope for the future is that there will be an EV charger on every home. If there’s an EV charger on every home, everyone is (obviously) driving electric. And we believe that if everyone’s driving electric, the world will be a better place.

We’re always looking for more people who can help us go the extra mile

Amina is based in Norway’s energy capital, Stavanger/Sandnes, which is located on the southwest coast. We are a diverse group of people interested in electric vehicles, EV charging, history, music, coffee and the great outdoors.

Image: Images from team building

Our core values

Each of these principles is at the heart of what we do.

We choose to trust

We believe a culture based on trust improves our well-being and personal development, as well as our efficiency and results. We want to give you room to explore and grow, which will at the same time give you a deeper sense of responsibility and ownership.

We’re including

Amina – both the product and work environment – is for everyone. We strive to be transparent in what we share, while we also value and seek input, both internally and externally, from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

We communicate clearly

Misunderstandings and conflicts are costly, both relationally and professionally. To avoid these, we communicate clearly and express our expectations.

We made some friends
along the way

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors in the world of power and electricity. We love that they care about the environment, just like us.

Make EV charging simple, safe and affordable.

Minimalistic in everything but quality

Longlasting design built with the best materials, because simplicity shouldn’t come at the expense of quality.

As simple as a socket, only safer

The socket has been a popular charging outlet for a reason, but we need a safe (and legal) alternative that is just as easy to use and understand.

A charger for everyone should fit everyone’s wallet

Accessibility and affordability go hand in hand. That’s why we’re reducing production cost and price wherever we can – without sacrificing either quality or sustainability.

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